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Casey York Designs

Translating Tradition: My Journey from Art Historian to “Modern” Quilter

Casey York trained for years to become a professor of art history only to transition to a career as a designer of sewing patterns, fabrics, and home décor. Seemingly abrupt, this switch was actually driven by a singular underlying passion for the power of beauty to enrich people’s lives. Join Casey for a reflection on how she fell in love first with the history and then with the business of design, and how the first informs the second in her work.


Casey York has sewn for most of her life and has been making quilts for a decade. Initially inspired by the graphic possibilities of appliqué, she has worked in the quilting industry to push the boundaries of this tradition with her graphic, contemporary designs and patterns. Casey received her Ph.D. in art history in 2012 and is well-known in the quilting industry for her two books, Modern Appliqué Illusions(2014) and The Appliqué Book (2016). Her first line of fabric, Fine|Spun, Volume One, was released by Studio 37 Fabrics (a division of Marcus Textiles) in the summer of 2017.